ONE HIT WONDER – 3mg 100ml



  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Strength: 3mg or 6mg
  • VG80 PG20
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  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Strength: 3mg or 6mg
  • VG80 PG20

Muffin Man A Unique Blend of Sweet Apples and Warm Cinnamon Muffin. The Muffin Man E-Liquid has a robust Apple Flavor on the Inhale followed by Sweet undertones of Warm Muffin.

Mini Muffin Man The best strawberry muffin on the planet. Moist, plump, sweet, flakey and bursting with flavor.

Island Man An ancient volcano with the sole purpose of spreading the most delightful tropical flavors all over the world. Succulent, sweet, island fruits are infused together to create an invigorating wave of fruit punch.

Island Man Ice Minty mangos, cool Caribbean coconuts, polar pineapples, and an avalanche of refreshing tropical flavors delightfully chilled to bring you sweetness and coolness in one satisfying puff.

Army Man With creamy layers of sweetened milk balanced with subtly tart key lime citrus.

Rocket Man Balancing a lightly tart Greek yogurt, fresh mountain blueberries & savory granola. Rocket Man is a harmonious blend without equal in the yogurt world.

Fire Man A tantalizing freshly pressed pink lemonade. Sweet, juicy, a little lemony sour, bursting with flavor.

The Man A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and milk cream.

My Man Featuring a trinity of fusion between a valley of rich chocolate swirl and creamy decadent vanilla, topped with lively notes of strawberry goodness for an exhilarating vape.


Army Man, Fire Man, Island Man, Island Man ICED, Magic Man, Mini Muffin Man, Muffin Man, My Man, Rocket Man


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