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VICIG® is the ideal alternative smoking solution.

To suit you well, our vape pens are brilliantly manufactured to have a small, light-weighted (45 g), and portable size of 18*101 mm dimensions, pre-filled Pod with 5ml of e-liquid making a total of 1500 puffs, a long-life battery of a capacity equal to 950 mAh, a power range of 7-12 W, a 3.7 input voltage, and a resist

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VICIG® are electronic nicotine delivery systems, known as electronic vaping devices, or vape pens, with a battery-operated heating element that converts liquid nicotine to produce vapours aerosol for inhalation, rather than combusting to produce smoke. It satisfies a smoker’s craving for nicotine in the healthiest possible way.


VICIG® is a handy pen-like electronic cigarette, designed with absolute quality, using the most advanced technologies, high-end components, and long-life battery, insuring constant great function and delivering, at all time, enough vapour for a satisfying experience for both beginners and advanced vapers. One of the most remarkable attributes about VICIG is its elegant slick modern, tech gadget, easy to carry, and anti-leak design that is suitable for young as well as adult consumers.

VICIG® disposable vape of 1,500 Puffs equals 8 packs of cigarettes in terms of the number of puffs (cigarettes average number of puffs are 9).

VICIG® is the ideal alternative smoking solution.

We are using advanced technology, reliable components, and long battery life in the manufacture of the VICIG®.

VICIG® offers your a superior taste and the highest quality liquid from London.

The brilliant design of the VICIG® makes it lighter in weight, smaller in size for a better vaping experience.

VICIG® anti-leak design gives you the ultimate safety against unfortunate incidences.

VICIG® is committed to offering the best quality-price ratio.

The automatic activation of the VICIG® makes using it like a breeze.


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